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The Wealthstack story started over 20 years ago when my wife and I began discussing our finances early in our marriage. We decided that we wanted to be as intentional and deliberate as we could, raising our children in a household that inherently and intrinsically understands and values financial wellness. Ultimately, it's always been about financial wellness for us.

As an Actuary, I realised that you can't grow wealth and financial wellness without a measure of that success, or a “progress bar” of your goals reached. And so, to keep tabs on our progress, I created multiple spreadsheets to track my family's investment accounts, insurance products and specific financial goals. The spreadsheets were a great start, but they quickly became exponentially complicated.

Out of this need, the idea and dream of Wealthstack was born and together with the team, a solution was created that is far superior to any spreadsheet. Our hope is that Wealthstack helps you understand your financial products, boosts your financial wellness and encourages you to build generational wealth.

Vincent Heys

Vincent Heys

CEO & Co-founder

"The seed of Wealthstack was planted decades ago, and in 2020 it took root and came to life."
Wealthstack TeamWealthstack TeamWealthstack Team

Meet the team

Every day, the Wealthstack Team works hard to make money matters simple again. Meet the crew that stacks up against impeccable standards to reach our goals and serve our purpose:

Vincent Heys

Vincent Heys

Chief Executive Officer

Vincent Heys Contact Details

Vincent, an Actuary with experience in Canada, the UK and South Africa, is passionate about simplifying finances according to a trusted roadmap. He's all about building financial wellness and helping others do the same. Vincent has 25 years of financial services experience, covering everything from Asset Management to Advisory Services and Fintech. If Vincent had a financial superpower, it would be Compound Interest because small habits over time mixed with growth results in extraordinary outcomes.

Roeland van Nieuwkerk

Roeland van Nieuwkerk

Chief Technology Officer

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Roeland has been part of the Wealthstack story from the beginning, sharing Vincent's dream of a dashboard that covers it all. He's got the courage for the start-up life, having spearheaded two of his own, and he's a genius at creating user-friendly digital tech. Roeland's financial superpower is Budget Spreadsheets - you can't beat him at a top-notch, formula-frenzied spreadsheet!

Francois Brill

Francois Brill

Director of Product Design

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Francois has pushed the boundaries of creating digital experiences for over 20 years. His passion for inventing the playbook as he goes along is evident in the innovative, beautiful, and simple products he creates. If Francois was a financial product, he'd be a Retirement Savings Plan because “there's no such thing as overnight success.”

Pega Liu

Pega Liu

Full stack Developer

Pega Liu Contact Details

Pega is a Software Engineering student at MacMaster University. He's got a real knack for software development and builds rockets in his free time. If Pega was a financial product, naturally, he'd be an RESP because he's living proof that you need to save for College!

Michelle Hinrichsen

Michelle Hinrichsen


Michelle Hinrichsen Contact Details

Michelle has a life-long relationship with writing for the ordinary, gloriously normal person to read and understand. She loves taking the complex and breaking it down to its most strategic, straight-forward points - good thing she's Wealthstack's resident writer! If Michelle were a financial product, she'd be an Exchange Traded Fund because she packs a lot into her days for maximum efficiency, just like a high-yield ETF!

Duane Littler

Duane Littler

Business Development Manager

Duane Littler Contact Details

Duane brings more than a decade of success and experience as a tried and tested Business Development Manager to Wealthstack's ranks. His determination, integrity and proactive nature have kept him on the forefront of growth and progression. Duane is “not too exciting but valuable and dependable when needed most” like Life Insurance!

Our Values

As a team committed to making money matters simple again, we're propelled by 3 guiding values:


Choosing to work together with accountability and humility for the empowerment of one another and our clients.


Striving for excellence as we bring simplicity out of complexity with creative, forward-thinking solutions for growth and knowledge.


Working with complete honesty and authenticity bringing out the best in our team for the benefit of our clients.

Let's work together

If you're passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals, love creating simplicity from complexity and have a knack for solving problems, we'd love to hear from you! As a growing team we're on the lookout for Software Developers and Financial Experts that align with our vision and values.

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