See how you stack up against your financial goals

Your all-in-one solution to track your long-term financial goals. Combine all your financial products onto one Dashboard and get support from independent Experts.

What sets Wealthstack apart?

  • Complete Financial Wellness Dashboard

    Consolidate your group benefits plan, private insurance and investment accounts in one place, analyze their performance, and determine whether you’re on track to reach your long-term financial goals.

  • Your Data, Your Journey to Financial Freedom

    From storage of your important documents, drafting wills & power of attorneys to planning for estate taxes, the Wealthstack Dashboard is safe, secure, and entirely your own.

  • Access Independent, Professional Experts

    Get access to 1:1 consultations with a Wealthstack Expert who is committed to helping you reach your financial goals. It's your journey, how can we help?

  • Goal Tracking and Planning your Next Step

    Track your progress on your financial journey using Wealthstack's innovative WealthScore which shows you where you are right now and what your next steps should be.

Reach your financial goals with peace and clarity

Are you sure you're on the right track to financial freedom? Worried about what your next step should be? The Wealthstack Dashboard consolidates your financial world, bringing all your investments, insurance, and goals into one intuitive platform. Whatever your stage of life or income, get clarity and confidence as you align your financial strategy with your goals.

Backed by unbiased, personal guidance from Wealthstack Experts and our comprehensive WealthScore™ you're empowered to make informed decisions. It's not just about having money; it's about knowing how to make it work for you. Say goodbye to financial uncertainty and take control of your future with Wealthstack.

Do more with your Dashboard

Your WealthScore tracks your financial wellness using these distinct categories, while our Wealthstack Experts provide support as you implement your goal-reaching plan.

Wealth Protection

Get a clear picture of how much insurance you need if you pass away or face a major illness, temporary or permanent disability.

  • Insure your life.
  • Protect against major illnesses.
  • Protect your income against a disability.

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation maps out your retirement savings and investment goals like tertiary education, home deposit and emergencies.

  • Plan for retirement.
  • Investment goals like tertiary education.
  • Plan for emergencies.

Wealth Preservation

Preserve your wealth legacy by ensuring you have updated wills and power of attorneys in place.

  • Plan to preserve your wealth legacy.
  • Reduce taxes at death.
  • Increase philanthropic giving.

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on the clients and families we've helped on their path to financial wellness. Here's some of them.

Wealthstack provided valuable guidance for our journey to Canada. They helped us set goals for home ownership and retirement, and offered insights on the Canadian market. They also provided suitable products within my work's restrictions. Overall, a very pleasant experience with the team and will recommend them to anyone.

J. Malan


J. Malan

Business owner in Canada & SA

Wealthstack was a great help when we started the process to move from Johannesburg to Toronto. They quickly helped me identify the key tax and retirement income decisions I needed to make and how to plan appropriately before moving to Canada. Armed with this advice I could plan and make the required decisions before making the move, which helped remove a lot of pressure from the process. We are grateful for Vincent's help, I'd highly recommend him and his team.

K. Meissner-Roloff


K. Meissner-Roloff


Immigrating to Canada was an emotional journey, and I didn't want to add to the stress by making wrong decisions with my finances. In our mid-forties, my spouse and I needed guidance for retirement planning. We are forever grateful that we found Wealthstack to be our financial experts. They helped us with the transition into Canada, provided holistic planning for our investment, insurance, and legacy goals, and took into account our cross-border accounts. Vincent is a true professional, knowledgeable about all the regulations in Canada, and honest. Knowing that he is in charge of our financial planning gives us the greatest peace of mind.

Dr. Albert Verbeek


Dr. Albert Verbeek


Wealthstack has been great at helping us think through and maintain our wealth plans. I would certainly recommend Vincent and Wealthstack to friends and family and, have in fact done so in the past.

Dr. M. Duvenhage & Mr. B. Duvenhage


Dr. M. Duvenhage & Mr. B. Duvenhage

Medical doctor & Software Engineer

Wealthstack was invaluable during my immigration to Canada from South Africa. Their thorough planning, impressive knowledge of the Canadian system, and commitment to a holistic approach were exceptional. They provided me with a wealth of information, helped me make informed decisions, and ensured a smooth and successful transition. I highly recommend Vincent and the Wealthstack team to anyone making the move to Canada.

Mr. & Mrs. De Villiers


Mr. & Mrs. De Villiers

Financial services professionals

As a professional I always thought I had my financial planning under control. That was until I was lucky enough to get introduced to Vincent and the Wealthstack team. I only then realized how much help and advice I needed to make my financial needs a reality. Vincent and his team not only took their time in setting me up with an accessible easy to understand dashboard, but his advice, feedback and personal touch has given me so much more confidence in my future money matters. They helped with a plan and suggestion that made sense while continuously following up on my progress.

G. Cloete

British Columbia

G. Cloete


How it works

If the complexity of financial management makes you spin, here are 3 simple steps to kickstart your journey

Step 1

Book a Demo

Book a free 30 minute demo and chat to one of our Experts about your financial needs and which service package is best for you.

Step 2

Create Your Dashboard

Create your personalized Dashboard. Add your group benefits, investments and insurance products, and financial goals to get a consolidated view of your financial wellness before you plot your next steps.

Step 3

Collaborative Financial Planning

Collaborate with your dedicated Wealthstack Expert using your Dashboard and aspirations to define, refine and track your strategic journey to financial wellness.

Your benefits, our unique approach

Curious about our approach? Here's our commitment to ensure your journey to financial wellness is smooth sailing.


You own your data, Dashboard, and options. You decide your financial path.


Trust is built on transparency, that's why we're committed to always being open and honest with you.

Comprehensive Overview

Your Dashboard enables you to see all your investments, insurance products and financial goals in one place, providing you with a holistic view that brings peace and clarity to your financial wellness journey.


We equip you with knowledge to become a better steward of your wealth. This is YOUR journey to financial wellness.

Clear Goals

We ensure you're crystal clear about your long-term financial goals.


We're with you every step of the way – tracking your progress and encouraging you.

Guided Progress

We guide you on the precise steps required for financial wellness that fit within your unique circumstances.

Technology and Expertise

We blend technology with expert guidance to achieve the best outcomes for your financial wellness.

Choose your Wealthstack Offer

If you're ready to shift into gear and get moving on your financial journey, choose the value-stacked Wealthstack service package that's right for you and your family.


Perfect option if you have a clear goal in mind but need additional assurance before taking action on your plans.

$395/ once-off

Setup Includes

  • Dashboard set-up and first 3 months subscription
  • 1 hour of Dashboard support and personalization
  • 1 hour of financial consultation and implementation with a Wealthstack Expert

Also Includes

  • 10% Discount for Wills & Power of Attorneys

Most Popular


Ideal plan for you (and your family) to consult with an expert as you set goals and map your financial wellness journey.

$795/ once-off

Setup Includes

  • Dashboard set-up and first 3 months subscription
  • Up to 2 hours of Dashboard support and personalization
  • Up to 2 hours of financial consultation and implementation with a Wealthstack Expert
  • Your personalized WealthReport detailing the next steps of your financial journey

Also Includes

  • 10% Discount for Wills & Power of Attorneys
  • Free access to a document vault, valued at $150
  • Free 1 hour consultation with a Tax Consultant, valued at $250
  • Free 1 hour budget session with a Wealthstack Expert, valued at $250


An excellent choice for professionals operating with their own corporations, when in-depth planning is a necessity.

$1,595/ once-off

Setup Includes

  • Dashboard set-up and first 3 months subscription
  • Up to 2 hours of Dashboard support and personalization
  • Up to 6 hours of financial consultation and implementation with a Wealthstack Expert
  • Your personalized WealthReport detailing the next steps of your financial journey
  • Corporate structure and tax planning optimization

Also Includes

  • 10% Discount for Wills & Power of Attorneys
  • Free access to a document vault, valued at $150
  • Free 1 hour consultation with a Tax Consultant, valued at $250
  • Free 3 hour budget sessions with a Wealthstack Expert, valued at $750
  • Free 1 hour consultation with a Business Coach, valued at $250


Packages Renew Each Year

You've done all the work in the first year, we would love to keep working with you and building your financial wellness. Renewing means you retain access to your dashboard, reports, document storage and consultations with your Wealthstack Expert.

Annual Fee Includes

  • Dashboard subscription
  • Regular check-ins with your Wealthstack Expert


$275/ year

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our approach that we offer a 100% 90-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee hinges on your commitment to complete your dashboard, implement, and track all suggested products, and attend all consultations. If you don't see a significant shift in your financial wellness and management in 90 days, you'll get all your money back!

Questions & Answers

Unclear about anything? Let's dig a little deeper.

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