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Struggling to engage your large client base well?

The industry benchmark typically involves serving around 100 clients. Engaging more than 100 clients can pose various challenges, affecting your service quality, work-life balance, and overall client satisfaction.

You might be facing some of these key challenges:

Staying Top-of-Mind

Despite your consistent and diligent efforts to engage with your clients through various strategies and communication channels, it seems you are still facing significant challenges staying top-of-mind.

Time Management

With a large client base, you might struggle to devote enough time to each client, leading to missed opportunities and poor profitability.


Each client has unique financial goals, risk tolerances, and preferences, requiring tailored advice and strategies, which becomes hard to precisely manage at scale.


Ensuring effective communication with clients can be time-consuming and may lead to delays or generic communication strategies that don't grow your business.

Quality of Service

You may find it difficult to keep up with the detailed needs of each client, potentially leading to a one-size-fits-all approach that doesn't cater to all your clients' needs.

Onboarding & Regular Reviews

The paperwork and preparation required for onboarding new clients or regular review meetings is overwhelming when done at scale.

Scaling Business Operations

Managing client data, compliance documentation, and task tracking becomes burdensome and inefficient, diminishing the value of your practice.

Privacy and Data Security

As you take on more clients, ensuring robust systems to protect their sensitive data becomes increasingly challenging.

The roadmap to engaging 300+ clients

We created Wealthstack's dynamic dashboards to empower you to serve more clients with improved efficiency and enhanced client engagement. With Wealthstack, you could double your revenue!

Supercharge the Growth of Your Practice

Supercharge the Growth of Your Practice

Manual processes, documents, and dispersed information across various systems is holding you back.

Consolidate your data on one platform

We ensure that both you and your clients can consolidate all financial goals, investment accounts, and insurance products in one single place that is easy to use.

Make your business scalable

Through each client's personalized dashboard you will save time in preparing for meetings, increase your value proposition, build trust with your clients and increase the value of your practice as you remain top of mind.

Encourage the right engagement

Wealthstack's dashboards instil a sense of accountability and ownership in your clients, empowering them to pursue their personalized goals with the right products.

A Platform Your Clients Will Love

A Platform Your Clients Will Love

In today's digital era, clients want easy access to their data and the ability to track their financial progress. We help you to modernize your practice to ensure clients stay connected and engaged.

Give your clients an intuitive digital tool

Consolidate your client's group benefits plan, private insurance, and investment accounts on your own branded platform. Progress tracking, analysis and long-term goal planning becomes a breeze.

Facilitating the Journey to Financial Freedom

Our dynamic dashboard streamlines document storage, legal paperwork, and financial planning, empowering your clients to take control of their financial journey.

Empowering Goal Tracking and Planning

Leverage our unique WealthScore feature to offer personalized goal tracking and actionable insights, guiding your clients toward financial wellness.

Make It Completely Your Own

Make It Completely Your Own

Your brand stays front and center with our Advisor Console and Client Dashboard which can be adapted to your brand, jurisdiction and local currency.

White-labelled solution to showcase your brand

The platform is fully customizable to include your logo and brand colors as well as the option to use your own custom domain.

Multi-jurisdiction and multi-currency support

The Wealthstack platform was built to adapt to local jurisdictions and multiple currencies so you can continue to provide seamless services if clients relocate or have assets in more than one currency.

Extend the trust you've built with your clients

Your clients trust you and by providing them with an experience that looks and feels like your brand, you extend the trust and relationship you've already built.

Engage Clients with Your Workflow

Engage Clients with Your Workflow

Keeping your clients engaged in your workflow means they can take control and will be more responsive to implementing new products when the time is right.

Document Vault

Clients can upload and store important legacy documents to keep in their document vault to ensure their legacy planning is easily found in one place.

Recommendation Engine

Our recommendation engine can highlight the best way for clients to invest their money to reach their goals, ready for you to implement when they are ready to commit.

Tasks and To-Do Lists

Stay on top of your priorities and tasks as an advisor and for your clients with our intuitive to-do list. It ensures you're always there when it matters most.

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