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Principles of Financial Wellness Video

Vincent Heys

Have you ever wondered what financial wellness truly means? It is more than just a bank balance so, before you set your budget, set your principles.

How you view money determines how you’ll spend money. There’s no use in tightening the purse strings if you don’t believe in the reason you’re saving. And you can’t plan for the future if you don’t know what you want that future to look like. You’ll manage your finances and meet your goals when you first understand your motivators, values and purpose.

Here’s how to get going

  1. Be content with what you have.
  2. Build with stewardship.
  3. Choose generosity.


Choose to find satisfaction in what you have, and what you’ve already achieved. Don’t get caught up in comparison and chase what everyone else has.


Build your life knowing that others come after you. Do your best to look after and grow the resources you’ve been given – like the steward of a borrowed farm.


Giving (and living) generously allows money to continuously flow in and out of your life. You can meet the needs of others through your acts of kindness but only if you’ve decided ahead of time to create margin in your budget for generosity.

Start somewhere. Start small. Start today.

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