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Is wealth really a function of patience?

Vincent Heys

In our fast-moving world, where quick wins often steal the spotlight, patience can feel like a rare superpower. But let’s break it down – how can wealth possibly be a function of patience? As we explore this, I’ll share some personal struggles with patience and lessons from my dad’s farming days that reveal the true power of waiting.

Before we dive in, let’s be clear on what patience is NOT. Patience is not procrastination or making excuses. Patience is a state of active waiting – being aware of the seasons and understanding the right time to make bold moves, and the time to sit tight. Little by little you’ll make progress, if you’ve got good sight of your goals and helpful guardrails to keep you on track. (Our Wealthstack Experts can help you set these up in no time!)

Now that we know what patience is and is not, let’s take a look at how it will serve your financial wellness:

  1. Plant & wait it out

    Patience is like a secret sauce for growing wealth. When you’re patient with your investments, you’re in it for the long haul. Think of it like planting seeds and waiting for them to grow into strong, money-making plants. Quick gains might be tempting, but patience helps your wealth steadily grow over time. Trust me; I know the feeling of wanting results ASAP. But, just like my dad waiting for the perfect time to harvest crops, patience stops you from losing everything by making impulsive moves.

  2. Building business over time

    If you’re dreaming of having your own business (which we think is a great idea! Think multigenerational wealth), patience is your sidekick. Starting something from scratch takes time and effort. It’s like planting a garden – you can’t rush the growth. Patience keeps you going when things get tough. I get it; waiting is hard. But remember, waiting doesn’t mean standing still. Patience in business is about taking small steps, knowing that success is a journey, not a sprint. It’s about learning the art of active waiting!

  3. The ultimate form of active waiting

    Patience isn’t just twiddling your thumbs; it’s about learning and adapting. Growing your wealth involves making smart decisions, learning from mistakes, and adjusting your game plan. Patience keeps you steady when things don’t go as planned. Imagine waiting for your investments to blossom – it’s a bit like waiting for crops to ripen. You learn to pick the right moment and adapt to changes, just like my dad did on his farm.

In a nutshell, wealth really is a function of patience. Whether you’re saving money, starting a business, or learning from mistakes, being patient is your secret weapon in every stage of life. So, when it comes to growing your wealth, remember: patience isn’t just a good idea; it’s wealth-wisdom you can’t live without!

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